8. Revolutionary War Spots in Haverstraw, Including the Treason of Benedict Arnold

Haverstraw also has strong ties to the American Revolution. Not only did Aaron Burr frequent the town (and worked as a law clerk), “Treason House” in West Haverstraw is where at the now-demolished Joshua Hett Smith House British Major John Andre met with Benedict Arnold, who agreed to give up West Point to the British for the sum of 20,000 pounds – over a million post-2000 dollars. This event is chronicled in the AMC show TURN, about America’s first spy ring.  The Treason House also played host to George Washington and Rochambeau. Nearby this spot, which is noted by a historic marker, is a road named after John Andre, who was well-respected on both sides of the revolution – no streets for Benedict Arnold of course.

Other markers of this event include “Treason Site” along the Hudson River where Andre and Arnold plotted the surrender of West Point. A rock along the waterfront at Emeline Park also notes these events and a canon points to the Treason Site slightly downriver. The French Marquis de Lafayette, who served as a general during the American Revolution  also had a camp at Haverstraw in what is now Camp Hill.