Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Commemorate the 241st Anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn This August [Brownstoner]: Today’s Brooklyn doesn’t look anything like it did during the American Revolution; where brownstones and a modern city now stand was once a battlefield. This August, festivities will once again take place commemorating the Battle of Brooklyn (also called the Battle of Long Island) and honoring Washington’s brave soldiers.

  • Boating About in Prospect Park (Photos)
     [Brownstoner]: Getting out onto the the water is a summertime ritual, as these vintage snaps of Brooklynites enjoying time out on the Lake in Prospect Park show. Whether paddling about in swan boats (pictured above) or letting electric boats do the work for them, Prospect Park goers have long taken advantage of the sailing opportunities provided in the midst of Brooklyn’s historic park.

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