Cultural Sites

412 W 47th St.

The initial headquarters for the publication The New Yorker was in an apartment building at 412 West 47th St. In 1925, Harold Ross and his wife Jane Grant, both journalists, founded the publication when searching for an alternative humorous publication style from that of the popular corny humor of the time.

Since its first issue almost 100 years ago, The New Yorker has changed addresses several times to accommodate its growth and has evolved from just publishing humorous pieces to becoming a serious contributor to the world’s of journalism and fiction literature, becoming one of the world’s most respected magazines. Some of literature’s most prominent and talented names have seen their work published in the magazine, like Roald Dahl, J.D. Salinger, and Stephen King, to name a few.

The New Yorker’s headquarters are currently located at 1 World Trade Center.

Clinton Horse Stables

Built in the 1880s for the sanitation department’s horses, the stables in which many of Central Park‘s carriage horses live are located at 618 W 52nd Street. The Clinton Horse Stables are privately owned, but like the carriages in Central Park themselves, they are run by a co-op of individual medallion owners.

It is the largest of the four stables throughout New York City, hosting a majority of the city’s carriages.  The Clinton Horse Stables are filled with misting fans that are used on hot summer days to keep the horses cool when they aren’t on their required five-week-a-year vacation away from the stables, and each horse is kept in an 8×10 foot stall, which is larger than the city’s required 6×10. The stables are also equipped with anything else the horses need, including a wash stall, an anvil, and loads of hay and bedding. Any old bedding, and manure, are sent to a mushroom farmer in New Jersey to use for cultivation.

See photographs from our visit behind the scenes here.

The Actors Studio

The Actors Studio at 432 W 44th Street is one of its two locations in the country. The studio is a non-profit organization that has helped many renowned actors in their careers and membership has served as a career goal for anyone in the field.

While The Actors Studio isn’t a school, they have created a separate three-year Masters Degree in Fine Arts through Pace University in New York City to help further their members’ art. The studio us not exactly open to the public for tours, but as work is being continuously put out, audiences are welcomed into the studio for free viewings once something is deemed ready. If you are interested in viewing a piece at The Actors Studio, its season typically runs from September to mid-summer.