4. Stuyvesant Cove is home to 100 different native plant species

The park’s natural habitat is populated solely by native plant and animal species. These include milkweed, which is accompanied by a thriving population of monarch butterflies (the park has even been dedicated a “Monarch Waystation”), tangles of berry bushes, trees, flowers, and much more. Some of these species have difficulty acclimating to the nearby saltwater river, but most have adjusted well, and the park is now a carefully curated display of New York’s flora and fauna.

New York has already lost 30% of its native plant species, so parks like this one are vital resources that preserve valuable natural life. Native plants reduce erosion and flooding and purify water and air. The park’s current manager, Liza Mindemann, is creating a program that will showcase plant species native to Manhattan and Long Island as part of an outdoor classroom for local schools.