7. Stuyvesant Cove Park will be served by NYC Ferry Service in 2018

Stuyvesant Cove Park’s future as a private, little-known destination is still in jeopardy, as most small, wild places in New York City are—inevitably threatened by development’s insatiable hunger, unless someone takes action to protect it. Sometimes the forces of progress are too powerful, though, and the park is slated to become a destination for the NYC Ferry. The ferry landing will open in 2018 on East 20th street, and will connect Long Islanders to Midtown and the Financial District. Still, hopefully it will not be too detrimental on the park’s welfare, though added noise pollution and traffic could be inevitable consequences.

This is one of six routes that will open as part of the Citywide Ferry program, which will also reach as far as the Rockaways and the Bronx, and is expected to carry 4.6 million passengers per year.