2. Biggest Slice of Pizza: Koronet Pizza

Another edible, larger-than-your head New York City staple are the slices at Koronet Pizza. Koronet Pizza’s metal circular trays were custom-made to carry their monster pies. Koronet manager Peter Manikis explains in a radio interview with Cyrus Farivar for Columbia Radio News why the slices are so large: “There’s no reason. It’s just American pizza. Big pies, that’s all.” Each pizza pie comes in two pizza boxes and there is about a quarter pound of cheese in every slice.

There are two locations to get your fix: Morningside Heights at 2848 Broadway (110th Street) and Washington Heights at 4087 Broadway (172nd Street). Their crown jewel is the Jumbo slice–from a 32-inch pizza–that’ll only set you back about $4, with their more conservative “small” pizza coming in at 16 inches.