Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Subway Etiquette 101: How To Not Be A Jerk On The Train [Gothamist]: The “Summer Of Hell” has been marked by frequent subway delays, ongoing track work, decaying infrastructure, and Governor Cuomo repeatedly pretending he doesn’t control the MTA. It’s not easy commuting every day with the knowledge that every train ride could trap you in a system-wide meltdown, which is why we should all do our part to NOT make it even worse by being rude and gross space invaders.
  • New York’s tradition of uncapping fire hydrants to beat the heat [6sqft]: When temperatures soar, fire hydrants across the city flow freely and not necessarily to put out fires. The practice, commonly known as “uncapping,” has long served as a way for city residents to cool off. Although it is not entirely legal, it is generally tolerated, especially when temperatures climb above 90, and for a number of legitimate reasons.

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