4. Chateau Le Woof

Long Island City‘s Chateau Le Woof provides gourmet treats for both humans and dogs, so you and your pet can both sip in style. This pet shop-and-cafe combination is the only location in Queens that sells La Colombe coffee, and it is certainly the only place in the area where you can feed your dog canard-flavored kibble while sipping on a latte.

If this sounds like a dream come true, it is. According to the cafe’s founder, Natassa Contini, the idea for the cafe actually came to her in a dream.

Chateau Le Woof sells high-class food for both dogs and humans. For yourself, you can choose from a collection of delicacies like spinach ricotta puffs and chocolate chip cookies. For your furry friend, you can select kibble from brands including Natural Balance and Blue Buffalo, and you can choose your pup’s flavor from a list that includes chicken, fish, duck, and more. You can also buy selections of raw food to feed your pooch, which many dog lovers believe is healthier for the canine’s digestive system.