2. The Brooklyn Cat Cafe

Brooklyn Heights’s first cat cafe opened in 2016. All of its cats are available for adoption, and it also streams live kitty-cams 24 hours a day, as shown above. This cafe has been in the news frequently of late because of a few of its kitten caretakers, which just so happen to be rats.

You heard that right: several older rats have been taking care of abandoned kittens. (Only in Brooklyn). Two rats, to be specific. Their names are Remy and Emile, and they’re the product of the Brooklyn Cat Cafe‘s innovative approach to caring for orphaned cats.

It all started when a kitten named Ebony contracted a disease that prevented her from being around other members of her species. A rat named Ivory, who couldn’t be affected by the disease, was introduced, and the two quickly became best friends.

This particular rat-cat relationship works because the kittens are small and non-threatening, and is an inspiring example of inter-species love. So the next time you cringe at the appearance of a subway rat, you never know—it could be harboring a heart full of love and kindness.

The rats were brought to the Cat Cafe thanks to HALT (Helping All Little Things), an organization dedicated to helping animals like chipmunks, hedgehogs, and rats find safe and loving homes.

You can visit the Brooklyn Cat Cafe to see the rats and kittens in person, and to grab a bite surrounded by furry friends.