10. Patchin Place

Patchin Place, squeezed between Greenwich Avenue and Avenue of the Americas, is undoubtedly one of New York City’s cutest alleyways. It’s also filled with fantastic historic secrets! Located on the site of a former farm, the row of quaint, brick houses was built around 1850 for Basque waiters working at the Brevoort Hotel. The alleyway is not only home to one of the last 19th century gaslamps in New York City (now powered by electricity), but the gated community was also home to none other than writer and poet E.E Cummings, in addition to Marlon Brando’s sister, Theodore Dreiser, and Djuna Barnes. You can’t see much of Patchin Place through the gates, but if you’re in the area, stop by and check out its gaslamps!