Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Island Hopping Through New York City [Vogue]: As summer enters its dog days and we face the shock of the realization that fall is only a handful of weeks away, we New York City cube-dwellers despondently scrolling through Instagram feeds full of bikinis and clear blue waters can’t help but think: Isn’t there one last summer escapade out there for me?
  • Remembering Arlene Gottfried: Legendary New York City Street Photographer [TIME]: Arlene Gottfried chronicled life the way she saw it, thriving on the energy on the streets, roaming and recording everything she felt through a deeply empathetic and loving lens. “My mother used to say ‘Arlene– just don’t wander!’ Then I started wandering,” she told TIME in 2011, “but I got a camera because it gave it a little more meaning…a life of wandering is really what it all is.”
  • Solar eclipse 2017 in New York City: what to expect [Curbed NY]: A total solar eclipse will engulf much of the United States on August 21, but unfortunately for New Yorkers, we won’t experience the full sun-blocking effects of the phenomenon. Instead, we’ll get a partial eclipse, with the moon covering about 70 percent of the sun. Here, find out what we’ll see in the city, where to view it, and more information.

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