Bars and Pubs

Sean Og Tavern

Woodside locals flock to Sean Og Tavern for a good time. This vivid, red Irish pub stands out on the corner of Woodside Avenue and 62nd street, with its old-style clock and gothic-style lettering. Its inside is dark and gothic as its exterior suggests, adorned with a cathedral ceiling, exposed beams, and sleek chairs. Despite its dark appearance, Sean Og’s is known for its personable, welcoming bartenders and energetic nightlife, with New York Magazine describing it as “a good place to make some bad drunken memories.”

You can choose from a large selection of low-priced beers and savory bar food, and if you need to escape the dark interior, there’s outdoor seating for you. But you’ll probably find yourself wanting to go back inside at some point, as there’s a small dance floor, TVs, and overall friendly, high-key vibes that will leave you with a great night.

Donovan’s Pub

Another pub that pays tribute to Woodside’s Irish population, Donovan’s Pub, is another must-visit in Woodside. Priding itself as “Woodside’s Landmark Gathering Place since 1966,” Donovan’s Pub is the place to go if you crave a full, scrumptious meal with your drink or have kids with you. It has a brunch menu for $14.95 (add $5 for unlimited mimosas or Bloody Marys), with children’s brunch for just $8.95. It offers traditional Irish options, including sirloin steak, Irish Bacon, Irish Sausage, and Black and White Pudding.

There’s also a lunch and dinner menu with options like Toasted Garlic Bread with mozzarella cheese, Donovan’s Wings, Shepherd’s Pie, and several kinds of burgers and meat-heavy entrees.

For drinks, there are several kinds of beers on tap, from your regular Guinness to Goose Island, as well as an array of bottled beers. They also have appealing frozen drinks, like the Mudslide (Ice Cream, Baileys, Kaluha & Snmirnoff Vodka) and Jamaican Punch (Pina Colada, Myers Rum, Orange Juice & a splash of grenadine). Donovan’s pub has it all, and as shown by its 51-year existence and loyalty of Woodside locals who keep coming back, it’s well-worth the visit.