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  • Tonight: Opening reception for the ‘Capturing the Lower East Side’s Storefronts’ exhibit [EV Grieve]: East Village-based photographers James and Karla Murray, whose books include “Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York,” are the curators. “The purpose of the exhibition is to act as an artistic intervention helping draw attention to and raise awareness of the importance of preserving the small shops whose existence is essential to the unique and colorful atmosphere of the city’s streets,” they said in a statement about the show.
  • A city celebrates: New York City on V-J Day [New York Daily News]: There had been two false alarms already, so when rumors flashed at 2 a.m. on Tuesday the 14th of August 1945 that Emperor Hirohito had accepted the Allies’ surrender terms, that a murderous world war was over at last, the city wasn’t so sure about it.
  • Staten Island’s New York Wheel is close to being back on track [Curbed NY]: All may not be lost for Staten Island’s New York Wheel. A representative for the project informed Curbed that the developers are currently in “advanced negotiations” to lock in a new contractor for the project, after they fired the previous one, Mammoet-Starneth LLC, last month.
  • Robert F. Wagner and the construction of modern New York City [New York Daily News]: On the first day of January 1954, 812 years after the end of World War II, Democrat Robert F. Wagner Jr. became, in effect, New York City’s first postwar mayor. His two predecessors, William O’Dwyer and Vincent Impellitteri, had been so busy trying to overcome the decay and neglect of 16 years of Depression and war that they had not even identified the municipal problems of the immediate future.

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