On Monday, August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse will be visible throughout the United States. This will be the first total eclipse visible from the contiguous United States since February of 1979 and everyone around the country is capitalizing on the opportunity to witness what is being dubbed as “The Great American Eclipse.”

Watch parties are being planned throughout the eclipse’s path. In New York City, public parks, museums, and libraries are all preparing for this once in a lifetime moment. While only approximately 71% of the sun will be covered in New York during the event’s peak at approximately 2:44 PM, it is the last total eclipse that will be visible in the city for the foreseeable future.

With additional assistance from Curbed NY, here are 12 of the best places in New York City to watch the upcoming eclipse:

1. New York Harbor

On the afternoon of August 21, Classic Harbor Line will be providing special tour to coincide with the eclipse.

The boat will leave from the Chelsea Piers Complex at 1:15 PM, just in time for the moon to begin moving in front of the sun at 1:23 PM. The event, which will take you down the Hudson River, past Ellis Island to Battery Park where it will sail out to the Statue of Liberty — will last three hours, enough to cover the peak and the final contact at 4:00 PM. The tour will also be providing three rounds of drinks: passengers can enjoy beer, wine, champagne, soda, and water. Classic Harbor Line will also be providing complimentary glasses for guests to watch the eclipse.

2. Pelham Bay Public Library

According to Curbed NY, The Pelham Bay branch of New York’s public library system will be one of many locations throughout the city to host a viewing party. The party will begin at 2:30 PM, giving only 14 minutes before the eclipse peaks.

The library is located at 3060 Middletown Road in the Bronx, close enough to Pelham Bay Park in case you wanted to witness the event from a more isolated location. The library will also provide free special glasses for anyone who joins the viewing party.

3. Queens Library Branches

If you live in Queens, head to one of its many libraries and nab a pair of solar glasses. According to the Queens Chronicle, nearly every branch will be hosting an event next Monday. Some noteworthy places to visit include the Flushing branch, which will hand out special glasses donated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s “NASA @ My Library” initiative at 1:30 PM. The program will also include videos about the phenomenon before visitors head outdoors to see it live.

Children can also partake in the festivities in the Glendale and Queens Village branches, which are hosting solar-themed arts and crafts sessions.