14. Item #155: Tampon Sculpture

Item #155: Over the years, we’ve had menstrual-hygiene supply sculptures of everything from dinosaurs to seagulls to puppies. We’ve also gotten a lot of flak for encouraging waste, and in protest, gishers have donated thousands of menstrual pads to shelters, (which actually proves that in fact, we at gishwhes can do no wrong.) This final year’s list wouldn’t be complete without a menstrual-hygiene sculpture, so we’re ending this by splitting the difference: Create a tiny, perfectly sculpted statue of Michaelangelo’s David or another famous historic sculpture of your choosing using out of a SINGLE tampon, and then donate at least 1 box of menstrual hygiene supplies to your local shelter. The image must be of your sculpture. The donation will be on the honor system.

Bridget from team The Lemon Cartel was fully anticipating a full menstrual hygiene item and even practiced with a foot long giraffe in anticipation for the item. She wasn’t expecting the change to a single tampon but was excited to meet the challenge head-on. This was her first submitted item for GISHWHES and she was proud to have accomplished the sculpture using every part of the tampon including the wrapper, applicator, and string.