11. Item #65: SuperWhoWatch 3D Street Art

Item #65: You know SuperWhoLock? The amalgamation of Supernatural, Doctor Whoand Sherlock?  Well, that’s been done to death and everyone has moved on to the next big mash-up. Let’s see 3D street art on a pavement or wall (in chalk!) that’s of a scene or setting from SuperWhoWatch (an amalgamation of Supernatural, Doctor Who, and BayWatch.)

This massive chalk portrait was drawn by Robbie, her mom, Carole Ann, and Mark from team Wayward Gypsy Squirrels took eight hours and two days to complete. The portrait is over eight feet long and features a Tardis from Doctor Who, Zach Effron from the 2017 Baywatch movie, and a moose and squirrel both representing Robbie’s team name and Dean and Sam Winchester from Supernatural.

GISHWHES has massively helped Robbie on a personal level as she often doesn’t come out of her box for fear of failing. GISHWHES helped get her out of her shell and embrace her creativity. In addition to bringing her family closer together, Robbie says that she’s gained a whole new host of family members in her fellow gishers and teammates.