10. Item #203: Bearby Goes to Washington

Item #203: Bearby Von Bearamucci has a job interview at the White House on August 12th at 8pm ET sharp! Coordinate with other gishers to take him at least 5 miles but no more than 100 miles, from your starting point. On your leg of the journey, post a picture of you, Bearby, and the gisher you’re handing him off to and geo-tag the location. Tag @gishwhes, the next gisher, and @BearbyVonB and us the hashtag #gettherbearthere. You MUST hand Bearby off to complete your item or you get zero points.

This was one of Misha’s more elaborate items that was almost doomed to fail. The item was created mid-hunt when most Californians were asleep and it took almost a day for Bearby to make it out of California. Gishers worked tirelessly to coordinate with each other to make it happen.

Jessica, from Team The Longest Gishwhes Team Name Ever, played a part in helping Bearby reach his destination by driving him 86 miles from Pocahontas Illinois to Greenup. While this item was more of a cooky and fun nature, Jessica, a fourth-year gisher, enjoys charitable items the most and the fact that GISHWHES brings mental health issues to the forefront of awareness.