8. Item #30: Shelter Animals

Item #30: Shelter pets rarely get any attention and millions are put down each year. Many times this can be avoided if people on the interwebs (who would like and could responsibly own a pet) were to see how cute, available, lonely, and cuddly they are. Let’s save a pet or two (or thousands.) Grab a friend or two and visit a shelter. Spend time with one or more of the pets there and post a selfie of your favorite pet looking for a “forever home” on Twitter or Instagram, tagging @NewLeashUSA, using hashtag #adoptmeplease, and the social media handle or name of the shelter (so people can contact them.)

Michele from team Jabberwockies helped not one but two dogs get adopted from the Franklin County Animal Shelter in Columbus, Ohio. Her initial submission was for a dog named Corky who was fairly hyper and would need some extra assistance getting adopted, which he did. She and her son then met Quinn, with whom they fell in love and tried to take home, but their senior was acting aggressively and they didn’t want to risk either dog’s  health or happiness and reluctantly had to leave Quinn at the shelter.

Michele’s heart was breaking for Quinn so she decided to make another post for him and he was adopted shortly after and she is immensely grateful to whoever took him home. Michele is no stranger to volunteering and she enjoys contributing to the hope in a world that constantly tests the will of its inhabitants to leave it a better place than we came into it.