1. Item #37: The Final Kale Art

Item #37: THE FINAL “KALE” ART. (Please note that per Commandment #4 of the 2017 Hunt, this word and material as a Hunt item is not permitted. We are aware of the. That being said, we do not care. You still may not use the word “kale.” Henceforth, it shall be called [REDACTED] BUT you may use it as a material for this item.) Therefore, take a SINGLE glorious piece of [REDACTED] and, using whatever adornments or other decoratives, clipping patterns, etc… create a stunning museum worthy piece of art that shall then be showcased as an ornamental headpiece on you.

Misha Collins has had a strange fascination with kale since the beginning of GISHWHES. It went from being a massive part of the hunt used in multiple items to a taboo subject gishers were no longer able to use or talk about, save for one item every hunt. The new rule put a damper on teams that had previously used kale in their team names.

Carolyn precariously balanced on tiptoe on multiple step stools in her bathroom to achieve this photo. She enjoys GISHWHES because of the creative and silly tasks that have helped her sprint past her comfort zone without a second glance. She’s gained a deeper connection with her friends, teammates, and strangers all around the world.

As a music educator, the item that touched Carolyn the most was the Crowdrise for Fiona’s dance school. She was happy to be able to contribute to continuing Fiona’s legacy from eight thousand miles away. “We may not have been able to cure her illness, would that we could, but we could take care of her many children in her studio. GISHWHES isn’t really about being the best at any given task or winning first prize, it’s about doing as much good as is possible in this world first, and about being silly second,” Carolyn says.

The announcement that GISHWHES 2017 would be the final hunt came as shocking and heartbreaking news to everyone involved. The hunt has helped thousands of people embrace their weird, hone their creativity, and take risks they might not have taken without Misha’s encouragement. Most importantly, GISHWHES taught a huge community how to be kind to each other, how to give back, how small acts of kindness can change someone’s life, and how to manage mental health and yourselves.

In the seven years that GISHWHES has existed, it’s changed the lives of thousands of participants and strangers alike. Misha has announced that it’s not really the end but the start of a new beginning and while it’s hard to say goodbye, gishers can’t wait for what Misha has in store next.

Brandy from team Supernaturally completed an item in 2016 to play a dementia patient’s favorite music. Her grandmother passed away in March of 2017 and GISHWHES gave her her favorite memory with her grandma from the past five years. 

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