25. Item #21: Spectral Olympics

Item #21: Let’s see the world famous once-every-3000-years “Spectral Olympics.”

GISHWES is equal parts creativity and luck in terms of what you are able to accomplish. Amber from team SuperSherFireWholigans had a good combination of both as she lives right near the Olympic Training Facility in Utah which allows spectators free of charge. Amber was able to overlay multiple photos of the practice to get the iridescent photo quality depicted above.

One of Amber’s shots before the layering process.

In addition to accomplishing items, Amber took to the Gishwhes groups on Facebook every day to remind gishers to eat, sleep, and take any medication they might be on, which stems from the responsibility she’s developed throughout her three years of GISHWHES. She uses the hunt as a way to get in touch with her sillier side.