23. Item #107: Virtual Graffiti

Item #107: Let’s virtually graffiti the world with kindness! Using a GPS tracking app (like Figure Running or similar,) walk, jog, or run as large a path as you can to spell out a message of love, hope, or kindness. As you go, stop and perform acts of kindness and document them. You must show us the map with coordinates at the end of your path as well as the minimum of 3 documented acts of kindness- Inspired by Tia Pogue.

Lana from Team Death’s_Deep_Dish spelled out “Don’t lose hope” in her 11-mile trek across New York City. Along the way, she stopped to give care packages and necessities to the homeless people of the city that could use a helping hand. This item personifies GISHWHES’ mission to spread hope and joy while performing small acts of kindness to people who need it. Her journey ended at Trump Tower as a symbolic way to shine hope in a country that has faced so much devastation in the past few weeks.