2o. Item #51: Thank You For Your Service

Item #51: Anyone who serves in the military is risking their life to save their nation. Being respectful to not trespass on military grounds, stand in front of a large military craft, ship, tank, or plane with an inclusive sign of thanks to every service member of every kind. You may post this image on social media prior to the end of the hunt if you choose.

Photographed at the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tuscan, Arizona, teammates Sioux and Tammie carted around a massive thank you poster to honor the troops that serve their country. The duo was let into the museum for free by the lovely people at the museum. Bridget, the team’s photo editor, notes that this was her first GISHWHES and she had an amazing time completing so many intense creative challenges. She wishes she could do it all over next week.