Photo: Sarah Shatz/Netflix

The highly anticipated show, Marvel’s The Defenders, dropped on Netflix at 12:01 AM today. The show teams up four popular characters from Netflix’s Marvel franchise: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand of Iron Fist, along with their sidekicks. In the first scene of The Defenders, the show offers a convenient way to bring Danny Rand and Colleen Wing back from their attempt to get into K’un-Lun. Now in Phnom Penh, Cambodia fighting members of The Hand, a dying man who has been attacked by one of the group’s assassins tells Rand that his fight is not there, but in New York City. The other characters also pick up where the last season of their shows ended and we pick up with them in some usual neighborhood haunts affiliated with each show.

One of our favorite past times is locating the film locations for these shows, so without further ado, the New York City film locations for The Defenders. We will be adding more locations as we continue to binge watch the show!

1. Metro Diner

Courtesy of Netflix

Matt Murdoch (aka Daredevil) and Karen Page catch up following a successful case for Matt, who is now a trial lawyer. They hang out in Metro Diner, which is actually located at 2461 Broadway at 100th Street on the Upper West Side. The building itself is the rare remnant of a wood-frame building, with the Metro Diner on the first floor. The AIA Guide to New York City calls it a “holdout from the West Side’s frontier days.”