2. St. Nicholas Park, Harlem

Courtesy of Netflix

Claire Temple meets Luke Cage when he gets off the bus at the corner of Convent Avenue and West 128th Street, a few blocks south of the City University of New York campus. They go back to Luke’s apartment where they have a long-awaited hook up, when Detective Missy Knight shows up. Missy and Luke go for a walk in St. Nicholas Park, where they discuss what Mariah Dillard is up to. They stop at a burned out car and Missy tells Luke that there has been a spate of these kind of incidents, all connected to the same M.O., but no drugs.

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2 thoughts on “NYC Film Locations for Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix

  1. it might be too technical. the fight scene in episode 7 leading to the PIT is a garage on 43rd street. Next to Tony DiNapoli’s.
    I met Ramon Rodriguez that day because the cast trailers were over on 45th street. near 49 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036
    I have video somewhere of the lights sequencing on and off that you see in the episode. if I recall they filmed there a few days.

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