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  • Urban wildlife on display at NYC Parks events, whale-watching tours [amNewYork]: This concrete jungle has no shortage of wildlife.
    Whether it’s red-tailed hawks nesting on fire escapes, coyotes making their dens in Bronx parks or tiny chipmunks racing through Prospect Park — New York City has a surprisingly diverse population of urban wildlife.
  • Take a free tour of City Island, Bronx with the ‘land ferry’ [6sqft]: A small town in the northeastern part of the Bronx, City Island sits about 1.5 miles long by half of a mile wide. While its quaint nautical-vibe seems out of place in New York City, City Island is very much a part of the Bronx’s history. Thanks to the City Island Chamber of Commerce, New Yorkers who want to learn about the island can ride the “land ferry,” or a decorated minibus, on the island for a free tour of the neighborhood’s artistic and musical sites, as amNY reported.
  • ‘Flex in Brooklyn’: What tourists are taught to believe about the subway [Brokelyn]: If there’s one thing that New Yorkers can agree on, it’s a shared hatred of the MTA. Be it the heat, the delays, the sheer number of people crammed together, complaining about the subway is the great New York pastime. But what do other people think about the MTA?
  • Where to go kayaking, canoeing and rowboating in NYC [amNewYork]: There’s nothing like seeing New York City from the middle of a river, a bay or a lake. At least, that’s what the city’s kayak and boating enthusiasts say. And their numbers are growing as access to the city’s waterfront has opened over the years.

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