5. The Strand’s Rare Book Room, only accessible by elevator

If you’ve visited the Strand but never set foot in its Rare Book Room, then you’re really missing out. The room is only accessible by elevator (not stairs), and is where the Strand hosts its book events. When it’s not hosting events, it makes a wonderfully peaceful reading room with comfy chairs and string lights, giving off the feel of an old, magical attic with its musty book scent that hits as soon as the elevator doors open. The best part of the room, of course, is the tall bookshelves lining the walls filled with ornate, leather-bound books and glass cases showing some of the Strand’s prized rare works. Many of these books are signed editions, with prices ranging from $15 to about $45,000. Whether you’re in the Rare Book Room to attend an event, browse for a rare book, or curl up on a chair and read, it’s always worth exploring and getting lost in.