Hops and Hocks

Although the heyday of brewing in Bushwick is long over, there is no shortage of great beer to try in the neighborhood, thanks to the influx of craft-beer enthusiasts. Hops and Hocks, a little store right on Morgan Avenue, is a great place to check out for all your beer, cider, and kombucha on tap needs. The store, while specializing in beer, has a selection of other things to go along with it including snacks, cheeses, other beverages, and sandwiches made on site.

Although the store has a familiar bodega-like quality of on-the-go shopping, inside the store there is room to sit and sample the drinks. The business does its part to be community oriented, with weekly beer and sparkling wine tastings (the schedule is online) and by bringing in new beers to the taps regularly. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly, and always willing to offer samples and advice.

Hops and Hocks is located at 2 Morgan Avenue.

Friends NYC

Another spot just off the Morgan Avenue L train, Friends NYC is a below ground fashion haven shouldn’t be missed by anyone interested in finding some unique clothes or apartment supplies. Even for those not interested in fashion, there is a lot to see. Conceived in 2012, the store is self-proclaimed to be “2200-square-feet of indie department store retail goodness,” offering vintage and new clothing. The store tires to empower local artists and fashionistas, as well as bringing in styles from all over, including designers like Lazy Oaf, Working Girls, and Jeffery Campbell to name a few.

The business is focused on sustainability and empowerment, which fits perfectly into the products they offer, which includes jewelry, home decor, men’s and women’s fashion, as well as some in-house designs. The store is independently run and managed by a group of women. For more insight on their aesthetics, you can check out their Instagram page.

Friends NYC is  located at 56 Bogart Avenue.