Bushwick is known for being a great neighborhood for art enthusiasts, and NURTUREart has been a part of that since it moved to the neighborhood in 2006. The space provides opportunities and resources for local artists, curators public school students, thereby enriching the neighborhood to an even greater extent. The center encourages participation in the part of the patrons, as well as inter-generational interest in the work they do.

For the most part, their mission is to support upcoming artists and help those in the arts community meet their potential. It’s definitely worth taking a stroll through the gallery, just across from the Morgan L train stop, and learning more about the non-profit and the arts in Bushwick.

NURTUREArt is located at 56 Bogart Street.

Vander Ende Onderdonk House

The Vander Ende Onderdonk House, which stands between Bushwick and the neighboring Ridgewood, is the oldest remaining Dutch Colonial house in New York, constructed around 1709 by Paulus Vander Ende, although foundations of the house have been around since 1660. Since 1975, the house has represented the Greater Ridgewood Historical Society, which stepped in to prevent its demolition.

The house serves as a museum of the archeological history of the area and the house in general, giving insight into the lives of Dutch Colonialists, in addition to temporary exhibits and a research library. Other than being an interesting look into the history of the area, the museum makes for an interesting venture from the typical activities of the city.

One of the fun things to check out here is Arbitration Rock, a contentious border marker said to have once demarcated the border of Brooklyn and Queens.