Lot 45

In what was once a warehouse in the renovated industrial part of Bushwick to the east of Maria Hernandez park is the impressive Lot 45, an entertainment space and bar along the trendy Troutman Street of the Jefferson L train stop. The space is divided in two, partially indoors and partially outdoors, with a bar in each section. There is a nightclub area in the back with a stage and dance floor and big screen. The back area hosts ticketed events on a regular basis, but even on nights without a show the space is open as a cocktail bar and restaurant.

One of the major perks of Lot 45 is the amount of space and variety in entertainment that it offers. While the front operates with a restaurant ambiance, including a number of dining tables, ping pong, fussball, and other games. The decoration is very natural, with plants hanging around the walls.

Lot 45 is located at 411 Troutman Street.

Boobie Trap

There are a lot of unique places in Bushwick, but perhaps the place to top all of them is Boobie Trap, a bar with the theme in the name. The area behind the bar is decorated with a variety of mannequin busts and other wacky decor, but perhaps the most notable decoration is the collection of plastic lawn flamingos outside and the kitschy neon and magazine cover style inside. Despite the loud personality the bar exudes, it is a great place for a quick cheap drink or bar food, and the tables double as board games.

Bushwick Public House

Although a lot of spots on this list have gone to bars and other late night digs, a special place on here belongs to the Bushwick Public House, a cafe and pub below the raised M line between Stockholm and Central Avenue. Their motto, “Coffee, Whisky, Culture,” succinctly encapsulates what the vibe of the place is like. Its a small and personal space, with a pool table and weekly free screenings of Game of Thrones. The bartenders are very friendly and will take music suggestions. It’s definitely a hotspot for locals and anyone who wants a more public environment to get some work done. The bar and outdoor bench are usually filled with people on their laptops or notebooks, or else socializing quietly. It’s a good place to go for a more traditional bar experience, or for some quality whisky.

Bushwick Public House is located at 1288 Myrtle Avenue.

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