Today in Times Square, you will find a mountain of oversized sugar boxes containing over 45,000 pounds of sugar, representing the amount American kids consume collectively every five minutes. The installation is by Kind, the fruit bar company, and the  has other factoids, including the fact that each American child takes in about 64 pounds of added sugar a year. The installation is surrounded by children made to look like they are constructed from sugar to emphasize this fact: “Iin one year the average 9-year-old is eating his or her body weight in added sugar.”

The art installation is part of a marketing push for a new line of healthy snacks from Kind, the Kind Fruit Bites, that do not have any added sugar. The sugar box mount is 30 feet wide and 20 feet tall and contains, to be exact, 45,485 pounds of sugar, reports AdWeek.

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One thought on “45,000 Pounds of Sugar Dumped in Times Square for Educational Art Installation

  1. Artistic art is such a delicate thing, because these are people who have their own imaginary world, or, in other words, people who see this world a little bit differently, not like everyone else. But such an act, like a discarded 45,000 pounds of sugar, does not frighten me much. And what will happen next? Will they shed 20,000 pounds of flour? Or 10 000 pounds of potatoes? It is necessary not to cross the line of insanity.

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