Best West Village Burger: The Corner Bistro

Image courtesy The Corner Bistro

If you need a burger fix in the West Village, The Corner Bistro is a must-visit. As the last of the bohemian bars in West Greenwich Village, this casual eatery has served customers since 1961, thankfully maintaining its classic, friendly atmosphere and tasty burgers.

The Corner Bistro’s most famous burger is, unsurprisingly, called the Bistro Burger, which is deliciously juicy and topped with cheese and crispy bacon. The burger made the list of America’s top 40 burgers in 2013. There’s also the chili burger, which comes with homemade chili, and of course, a classic cheeseburger and hamburger. While the menu is somewhat limited compared to other burger joints, the juiciness of the meat here is always worth it, especially with a beer.

Corner Bistro is located at 331 West 4th Street (West Village) and also at 47-18 Vernon Blvd (Long Island City).