Best Hidden Burger: Burger Joint at The Parker New York

If you’re looking for a burger joint, why not scope out a secret one? For this, check out the hidden Burger Joint at Le Parker Meridien Hotel. There’s nothing that reveals Burger Joint’s existence, tucked behind thick floor to ceiling velvet curtains, except for a neon burger sign (and the long lines) to denote what lies beyond.

But one inside, you’ll be immersed in the scents of burgers and milkshakes and introduced to a certain hecticness that compels you to figure out what to order fast. Fortunately, Burger Joint’s menu is pretty straightforward and their burgers are worth it, especially when eaten in its unique, cozy environment—it’s almost like some mid-century burger joint was preserved and the hotel was built around it, even though opened only in 1999. Nicely lit with walls covered in vintage posters and written names and messages from previous customers, burgers taste even better in this atmosphere.

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Burger Joint is located at Le Parker Meridien Hotel at 119 West 56th Street.

Bonus: The Brindle Room in Alphabet City

We couldn’t have complete burger guide without including The Brindle Room in Alphabet City, which made the list of the top 40 burgers in America a few years ago. As a gastropub serving traditional American comfort food in small, shareable portions, The Brindle Room is certainly on the upscale side.

Though they serve much more than burgers, the burgers are certainly special ones, including the Sebastian’s Steakhouse Burger for lunch or dinner. The distinguished use of deckle fat from dry, aged beef trimmings in the burger mix allows you to taste the difference.

The Brindle Room is located at 277 East 10th Street.

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