A portion of Dale Chihuly’s art installation, CHIHULY at The New York Botanical Gardens.

This year’s Labor Day holiday falls on September 4, and families throughout New York City are looking for ways to celebrate the long weekend. Barbecues and parades are typical ways to celebrate, but the city has its options for other unique ways to enjoy the day off. Here are ten of Untapped Cities’ off the beaten path ways to celebrate Labor Day in New York City.

1. NYC Unicycle Festival

One unique event taking place over the weekend is New York City’s eighth annual Unicycle Festival. The festival is a great way for recreational riders and professionals to gather and enjoy what they all have in common: riding unicycles. Even if you don’t know how to ride one, which quite frankly is most of us, it is still a fun and unique way to spend the weekend.

The event begins on Thursday, August 31, but the main events take place on Saturday September 2nd and Sunday the 3rd on Governor’s Island from 12 – 5 pm. The events over the weekend will include unicycle basketball, hockey, sumo, and races, while world famous riders will be present at the activities to demonstrate their talents. Members of the public will also be given the chance to attempt to ride a unicycle with the help of team members.