12. El Dorado: A Celebration of Diversity through Sculpture in Sunset Park

The installation El Dorado – The New Forty Niners by artist Cecile Chong can be found in Sunset Park. The 100 guagua sculptures are a representation of a community of people from all over the world. Ms. Chong entitled her installation El Dorado, which translates to mean “the golden” taken from a story taught to her when she was growing up in Ecuador.

Considering that in the last census, 49 percent of New Yorkers speak languages other than English, she named the installation The New Forty Niners. The individual pieces were created from plastic bottles, plaster, encaustic, fiberglass reinforced resin, and paint, with all 49 of them painted gold.

El Dorado – The New Forty Niners by Cecile Chong will be in Sunset Park until the end of September. The installation is located at the North East corner of the terrace, near the 5th Avenue and 41st Street corner.