10. Many Neighborhoods and Areas Have Replaced Belgian Block with Modern Bricks That Mimic European Styles

Eurocobble on Wall Street, with wooden markers that trace the original wall

In order to get streets and sidewalks up to ADA Compliance, many neighborhoods are replacing Belgian block with  modern material bricks that replicate European paving styles. Central Park Conservancy, for example, is using a paver known as “Tumblestone,” and tumbling them together to give them a worn and rounded appearance, after which the stones are treated with a thermal finish for slip resistance.

On Wall Street, a material known as Eurocobble was used in a street renovation done in 2008-2010. Eurocobble is a preassembled cobblestone that can be created in pre-defined patterns and shapes and installed in a much more efficient manner, reducing costs on site.

See the full report on Belgian block from the Historic Districts Council.

Did you know some New York City streets and sidewalks were also made out of wood? See a remnant of New York City’s last wooden sidewalk here!