Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Summer Was Not So Hellish for Commuters at Penn Station [New York Times]: The curtain is about to come down on the eight weeks of emergency track repairs at Pennsylvania Station that inspired that warning from Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo of New York.

  • When Bike Lanes Are Protected By ‘Human Bollards’ [City Lab]: New York City’s signature green-painted bike lanes have spread nearly as fast as Duane Reades and Chase Banks, it seems. But many new lanes are unprotected by physical barriers, which help make safe rides for drivers and cyclists alike.

  • The Astor Place Cube Has Been Squiggle-Bombed [Gothamist]: It’s been less than a year since The Alamo, a.k.a. the Astor Place Cube, made its triumphant return to Astor Place following extensive renovations, but it looks like it’s going to need another facelift soon. It appears someone has jazzed up the black cube with some yellow squiggles
  • Derelict Greenpoint Hospital to Become 500 Affordable Apartments: Mayor [DNAinfo]: Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday night that the city will move ahead with long-stalled plans to redevelop the neglected Greenpoint Hospital into affordable housing.

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