Bronx Alehouse

Technically in Kingsbridge, the Bronx Alehouse is just minutes away from Riverdale. The bar’s specialty is its beer selections, which are exceptional in scope and stock. In addition to 30 bottles, the bar serves 17 beers on draft: a real time tap list – among them local craft brews- appears on the website, complete with alcohol content diagrams. The @BronxAlehouse Twitter account (bio: “Drink Real Beer!”) is updated regularly with what draft’s on and what’s been replaced. True loyalists who drink 100 different types of beer are welcomed into the Beer Club and awarded a place on the pub’s walk of fame.

For a savory bite, grab the pub menu and order the people’s favorite: wings. You can even “double cook ’em (fried then grilled) for $1.”

An Beal Bocht

Riverdale has long had a proud Irish community, and nowhere is this cultural heritage better represented than at An Beal Bocht. Opened in the 1970s as an Irish coffee shop, An Beal Bocht tody offers drinks and various food fare,  but its focus remains on community and warmth. You’ll find delicious home-cooked meals here, and the bartenders know everyone by name. An Beal Bocht also hosts a theater company and a full roster of  weekly cultural events ranging from concerts to open mic nights.

Make sure to check out the walls in this place. One wall of the main room is entirely covered in framed pictures and posters of Irish origin collected by the owner. A mural of Ireland’s most famous writers (Beckett, Joyce, etc.) decorates the entrance into the upper room.

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