3. Esopus Meadows Lighthouse

Esopus Meadow Lighthouse

In 1838, construction began for a lighthouse near Esopus, New York. Due to flood and ice, however, the structure — built as the twin to the Roundout II — became heavily damaged by 1867. Funds were later raised to construct the current Esopus Lighthouse, which was established in 1871 to warn approaching mariners of surrounding mud flats.

Unfortunately, like its predecessor, Esopus eventually fell victim to ice damage. It shuttered in 1965, giving rise to the Save Esopus Lighthouse Commission, a small group dedicated to preserving and restoring the structure. Today, Esopus stands as the last wooden lighthouse in existence on the Hudson River (and the only one with a clapboard exterior). It’s affectionately regarded as the “Maid of the Meadow.” You can take a tour to the Esopus Meadow Lighthouse with the Hudson River Maritime Museum!