Patty World

While Patty World is not a lavish establishment, it’s still a pretty great spot for delicious Caribbean cuisine. Located on 164th Street off of Jamaica Avenue (right across the street from the First Presbyterian Church of Jamaica), the place serves Caribbean favorites from beef and chicken patties to customer favorites such as oxtails and jerk chicken.

Prepared with intricate Jamaican spices and in jerk style, the food from this place is a delicacy and is raved about amongst the community. Note that Google says restaurant has relocated, but it’s still open and serving great food at its original location.

Patty World is located at 8959 164th Street.

Beijing Dumpling House

The Beijing Dumpling House, while serving a wide variety of Chinese food, is most famous for the dish in its name: dumplings! Whether boiled or fried, they are packed full of flavor from the various ingredients inside like pork, chives, and shrimp, including a vegetarian option.

The next delectable item on the menu are the homemade noodles, combined with flavorful spices served dry or in soup that keep people coming back. It’s location near the Sutphin courthouse, so if you happen to be serving jury duty, stop here for a good bite. With a welcoming atmosphere, the staff takes great pride in the cuisine they create, and they even deliver.

The Beijing Dumpling House is located at 88-38 Sutphin Blvd.