New York City is home to some of the world’s most intriguing collections of coins which span centuries and values. From the most expensive coin in the world to coins celebrating the accomplishments of Civil Rights activists, and those remembering the crime-ridden days of the subway system, these New York City coins have worth far beyond currency.

5. The Double Eagle Coin at the New-York Historical Society

The Double Eagle Coin, the world’s most valuable coin, is on view at the New-York Historical Society. 

The New-York Historical Society is home to the world’s most expensive gold coin: The Double Eagle Coin. Worth more than $10 million, the coin was designed at the commission of Theodore Roosevelt by renown sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who also designed the interior of the Cornelius Vanderbilt II mansion.

445,000 of these Double Eagle Coins were minted in 1933, but due to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s executive order banning the payout of gold, only two of these coins were retained, while the rest were melted down to gold bars in 1937.

When one of these coins showed up in an auction in 1944, the Secret Service discoverd a batch of coins stolen by a Mint employee in 1937. Nine were seized by the Secret Service, but a single coin was sold to King Farouk of Egypt and disappeared. It was later discovered in the possession of a British coin dealer. An agreement was settled in court that the Double Eagle coin could be sold, and today it remains “the only 1933 Double Eagle which may be legally owned by an individual,” according to the New-York Historical Society.