7. Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital, Glen Gardner, New Jersey

Part of the New Jersey State Tuberculosis Sanatorium near where the Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital was later built. Image from Library of CongressHistoric American Buildings Survey  

New Jersey opened its first and only state owned and operated sanitarium in 1907. The Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital is located at the end of a mountain road named Sanatorium Road in Glen Gardner, New Jersey.

The facility was fairly ahead of its time regarding treatments, as it kept its methods long into the 1950s while some sanatoriums around the country gradually shifted their treatments to fit the new standards of psychiatric hospitals.

The hospital broadened the list of diseases it was suitable to treat in 1950, but was ultimately shut down in the late 1970s. It was next to this abandoned hospital that Hagedorn was built, initially as a state nursing home but eventually shifting to a psychiatric hospital. Although the buildings were separated, Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital was really only an extension of the former hospital abandoned next door.

Ultimately, Hagedorn was closed in 2011 to cut spending.