3. Saratoga County Homestead

 Image via Wikimedia: Eastern Washington D. White

A little ways south of the village of Lake George sits Barkersville, the location of one of the state’s most haunted buildings.

The Saratoga County Homestead, or Homestead Sanitarium, opened in 1914 as a tuberculosis hospital. The original building was constructed with wood, but replaced with bricks in 1932. The hospital closed in 1960, but was reopened the following year as an infirmary before shuttering in 1979. The building has since been sold and remains unused.

The lucky few who have been granted access to visit the former hospital have claimed that the building is extremely haunted. Visitors have told stories of Homestead Sanitarium being occupied by former patients who had perished in the hospital.

While the brick building remains standing today, it’s listed as a private property, so permission is needed to actually visit.