9. Twin Bay Village

With so many tourists each summer, Lake George has no shortage of hotels, resorts and restaurants, but many can’t attract enough people year round to survive.

Twin Bay Village is set on the eastern shore of the lake in the town of Bolton. Only recently closed, the motel/resort hasn’t deteriorated as much as one would expect an abandoned building to have. However, it’s definitely beginning to show signs of neglect. The expansive 37-acre property holds multiple vacant buildings, including marinas, a beach, a motel, and cabins.

The resort was actually put up for sale at a whopping $3.2 million due to location and development potential, and was listed as “sale pending.”

The Lake George area has so much more to offer than just fun, abandoned buildings. Many of the historically significant locations have thankfully been preserved, restored and/or repurposed as institutions to help engage the public.

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