6. Find the Hidden Recording Studio and Nightclub in Housed in a Former Vaudeville Theatre 

80 Clinton Street, Lower East Side

Producer J. Ralph’s iron and velvet recording studio is located on 80 Clinton Street, in a building that was previously called Clinton Star Theater. It was built in 1914 by Sam Agid and served as a vaudeville performance theater before shuttering in 1950. Attracting the greats like Charlie Chaplin, the venue was one of the oldest Vaudeville theaters in New York City history.

Today, J. Ralph’s studio, which doubles as a super-exclusive night club, is one of the last grand recording spaces left in the United States. It’s accessible by appointment only, and guests must enter through apartment building entrance at 80 Clinton and then walk through a pass door. Decorated to honor its vaudeville roots, it features a cast-iron fish tank, candles, and fancy couches that look just as uncomfortable as the ones you might find preserved with a plastic cover at your grandparents’ house.