“The Dragonfly.” Image courtesy of Aleksandr Razin. 

Uzbekistan-born artist Aleksandr Razin has a new exhibit open in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, titled TeleportationUsing the different mediums of painting, drawing, digital prints, and large scale sculptures, Razin explores the concepts of teleportation: the transfer of energy or matter from one place to another, without physically crossing the space between them. A site-specific exhibit, some of Razin’s sculptures appear as large metal works, with a largely industrial and mechanical feel to some of them; others take on a more abstract quality.

Of the exhibit, Razin comments, “As an artist, when I looked at the urban landscape, I saw an enormous variety of shapes, forms, colors, and textures coming at me spontaneously with full force. The view of this horizon gave me the conceptual framework for this installation.”

“The Dragonfly.” Image courtesy of Aleksandr Razin.

“Using each letter from the word landscape, I created a wall that represents the urban horizon. Then I divided this space into zones that signify the components of daily city life. In each zone, I placed art objects that relate to the landscape world I envisioned for each letter.”

“The Sneaker.” Image courtesy of Aleksandr Razin. 

Razin is known for his large, on-site works; using a mix of modernism and traditionalism, his sculptures have been featured numerous times at art fairs and guilds in both New York and Connecticut.

The concept artist is showing the exhibit in coordination with ChaShaMa, a non-profit organization that works with property owners to take unused realty for artists to develop, create, and present their art. ChaShaMa currently operates 125 artist studios, two performance venues, and six galleries, among others.

“Pisa Tower.” Image courtesy of Aleksandr Razin.

Aleksandr Razin was born in Uzbekistan, in 1958. He was raised in an art community, and was inspired at an early age by his grandfather, a noted illustrator. He attended the Art Academy of Tashkent, and has received an MFA from the Tashkent College of Fine Arts. Working in both contemporary and traditional art styles, his work is displayed in museums and held in private collections around the world.

Teleportation opened on September 15th, with the opening reception today, Friday, September 22nd, from 5 pm to 8 pm. The exhibit will run until October 8th, at 470 Vanderbilt by RXR Realty in Brooklyn, NY.

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