Image courtesy of the New York Transit Museum

The New York Transit Museum’s new exhibition, From Fulton Ferry: Building Downtown Brooklyn traces the impact transportation has had on the evolution of Downtown Brooklyn for over 350 years up through the present day. 

From Fulton Ferry: Downtown Brooklyn Walking Tour. Image courtesy the New York Transit Museum

Downtown Brooklyn’s roots can be traced back to 1642 when the first commercial ferry slip between Long Island and New Amsterdam opened on Old Fulton Street. A archival photographs and objects from the Museum’s collection, the Transit Museum explores the key role of transportation in the commercial and residential development of Brooklyn and the Greater New York region.

Once ferry service was established, roads for horse-drawn vehicles were needed causing commerce to spring up along the roads, which quickly allowed for a population to settle. A bourgeoning population would create other means of transportation including rails for horsecars, trolleys, and then eventually elevated rail lines bridges, and finally the subway linking Brooklyn to the rest of New York City. Downtown Brooklyn would remain at the center of Brooklyn’s government and commerce.

“As it turns out, Brooklyn actually began with a ferry and the ensuing 350 years from that ferry to the latest transformation of today has proven that the history and the success of Brooklyn is inextricably linked to transportation.” said Museum Director Concetta Bencivenga. “We are honored to bring this exhibit to the public to share the rich history and incredible journey of the neighborhood that the Transit Museum calls home.”

The new exhibit celebrates centuries of investment and innovation in transportation that made the evolution of Downtown Brooklyn possible. Join curator Kathleen Husler for a free gallery talk on Thursday, October 19 at 2:00 pm.

From Fulton Ferry is the final exhibition in a three-part series exploring how transportation has influenced the development of New York City neighborhoods. The second exhibition 7 Train: Minutes to Midtown, is on view at the Transit Museum’s Grand Central Gallery Annex and Store through October 29th.

From Fulton Ferry will be on view through Spring 2018.

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