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In July, we gleefully watched as the main span of the old Kosciuszko bridge came floating down the East River. As of Sunday morning, however, the remaining parts of the 78-year-old structure — New York City’s oldest span — were blown up in a controlled demolition (or “energetic felling”).

The video below, courtesy of Skanska USA, depicts the demolition from a variety of unique angles:

“The Kosciuszko Bridge had to be replaced,” Cuomo said before the implosion. “I think there’s been traffic on that bridge and a bottleneck since the day it was built.”

Image via NYGovCuomo

Over 900 explosives were strategically placed around the structure, and used to bring down the bridge’s 20 remaining truss spans, which were made from 22 million pounds of steel. According to Curbed NY, a select group of New Yorkers were able to witness the demolition up close due to a lottery held by the Governor’s office. The video below was taken by Facebook user, Ciro Sarrubbo:

The first of two spans of the new Kosciuszko Bridge opened back in April. It’s currently carrying the traffic load in both directions between Queens and Brooklyn. The second span, which will be dedicated entirely to Brooklyn-bound traffic, is scheduled to be finished by 2020.

In the meantime, watch drone footage of Sunday’s demolition, which was taken by the Governor’s office:

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