7. DSNY Salt Shed


We previously had the chance to visit inside the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY)‘s new garage and salt shed complex in Hudson Square, Tribeca, designed by WXY  architecture + urban design and Dattner Architects. While initially facing opposition from the community, who saw the new sanitation center as a sore thumb in an otherwise high-end neighborhood, the Spring Street Garage-and-Salt Shed currently serves 300,000 residents in Manhattan Community Districts 1, 2, and 5 with 250 employees. The modern facility provides innovative, sound functionality behind an architecturally modern facade.’

Adjacent to the garage building is a 70-foot, architecturally stunning, crystalline shaped salt shed. With a price tag of $20 million, this 5000-ton capacity shed has a few fascinating features that distinguish it from the 39 other salt sheds around the city that are stocked throughout the winter. While the salt crystal shape of the structure is a remarkable piece of public art that puts all other salt sheds to shame, the unorthodox design actually stems from engineering work. The walls of the shed are taller on the side facing the water, allowing for the salt to settle at its natural slanted angle of 32 degrees, also called angle of repose. This unique way of storage allows for trucks to drive up one side, dump salt more conveniently onto the mound, which will then settle in its own stable way.