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Now that the weather has cooled down, here are some events for this coming week you can enjoy along with the crisp, autumn breeze and changing color of leaves.

Friday, October 6th

Have an action-packed weekend on the second day of New York Comic Con, where over 100,000 people come in extravagant and detailed cosplay and share their love for comics, media, and pop culture.

The New Yorker Festival will host talks and performances by musicians, writers, social activists, and people from all walks of life in various New York City locations. Gain insight into the minds of some of the most creative and influential people today.

National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey, a first-of-its kind entertainment experience exhibiting the sea and its creatures, will open this Friday in Times Square. This virtual exhibition plunges visitors into the depths of the Pacific Ocean without getting wet or leaving the city.

Saturday, October 7th

People don’t usually associate bridges with beer, but this weekend, that’s about to change. The Archway under the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO will transform into a traditional German beerhall for Oktoberfest. There will be music, performances, various contests, and of course brats, pretzels, sauerkraut, and beer to complete the festivities.

Celebrate Diwali,the Hindu festival of light, at Times Square this Saturday. The event will feature free and cultural performances by Bollywood stars, artists, and performers, food and drinks from all over South Asia, and shopping for ethnic and cultural goods.

Explore the beginning foundations of New York City on the Tour of the Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam. You will get to walk along the city’s original coastline, see remnants of Manhattan’s first city hall, and find out why Bowling Green has its name.

Tour of The Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam

Sunday, October 8th

For almost 160 years, Central Park has been the green heart of the city, serving as a pastoral haven for New Yorkers and visitors alike. Despite this, there are still many secrets within the park and the Secrets of Central Park Tour will guide you in uncovering some of them.

Secrets of Central Park Walking Tour

Monday, October 9th

Former Rikers Island Corrections officer, visual artist, and author Lorenzo Steele Jr. uses photography and his personal testimony to showcase the “Bing”, the adolescent solitary confinement unit, at the Rikers Island Exhibition: Behind These Prison Walls. All images on display were taken during one of the most violent and brutal eras in Rikers Island’s History (1987-1999).

Watch falcons, owls, and hawks zoom across the sky at Wave Hill in the Bronx. Master falconer, Brian Bradley, will talk about the ancient sport of falconry for this Falconry Presentation.

Tuesday, October 10th

Austrian architects A.&C. Falkeis will open their exhibition, falkeis.architects: active energy buildingin partnership with Archtober. The exhibition will feature a panel talk on the many advances in materials, building, and network design on creating a truly “active building”.

Wednesday, October 11th

What do pancakes, booze, and art have in common? Well, you can find them all at the Pancake & Booze Art Show, featuring local artisans, a unique line-up of live musicians and DJs, live painting, other forms of entertainment, and obviously pancakes!

The NY Latino Film Festival brings the world of Latino film and culture to New York. The films featured in this festival are culturally relevant and entertaining experiences that build audiences for Latino cinema, support the film community with professional development and foster relationships for Latino talent.

Thursday, October 12th

Mike Wallace, the author of the Pulitzer Award winning book, Greater Gotham: A History of New York City from 1898 to 1919, will discuss the next chapter of the city’s dynamic and stirring history. A signing will follow his book talk, hosted by the Brooklyn Historical Society.

As part of the Building of the Day for Archtober, a Museum Ambassador will provide an in-depth look into the unique architecture and exquisite beauty of the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, home of the National Museum of the American Indian. On this tour, explore the architecture and splendid interior of the museum, and visit the Collectors Office, not normally accessible to the public.


The 2017 edition of the International Fine Print Dealers Association will be held in the River Pavilion at the Jacob K. Javits Center. The event — the largest and most celebrated art fair dedicated to the artistic medium of printmaking — takes place on October 26-29th. View and purchase a diverse collection of rare works that span a range of periods and prices. For more information, click here.

Also check out our full schedule of Behind the Scenes tours in NYC.

 Top 10 NYC Events

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