ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines) have always been a common city fixture — you can pretty much find one on every corner, and there’s a full range of available options. From sketchy little ATMs to the brand new ones that dish out food, ATMs have progressed a lot farther than just dispensing cash. In fact, one ATM in Los Angeles distributes caviar while another in Paris dispenses baguettes.

From helpful to frankly bizarre, here are 10 of the most diverse and strange ATMs you can find in New York City.

1. The Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM-The Yard-Williamsburg-NYCBitcoin ATM at The Yard in Williamsburg. Image by Alban Denoyel of Sketchfab

The bitcoin ATM is a recent edition to bodegas and delis across the city. While no one seems to really understand how they work, bitcoin itself has become pretty popular over the years. Even the biggest fans of the digital payment system, however, have come to admit that the ATMs are just a marketing ploy, working more or less as “deposit-only” machines.

Nonetheless, there are now between ten to 15 bitcoin ATMs in the city, with more expected to come. Even if there are a few additional security steps, we encourage you to try them out. The most recent edition is at Mario’s Gourmet Deli, on Amsterdam Ave. and 106th Street.

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